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ICS network solutions is an official Distributor of PROMETHEAN in United Arab Emirates & Gulf.

ICS is the most innovative and trusted source of educational technology, content & expertise that impacts the quality of learning and motivates students to be successful. We support a broad portfolio of classroom technology & content for the education with specialized solutions offered for K-12 and Higher education.

Key education themes focusing on achieving global education success:
Effective teaching is the key to successful, collaborative and personalized learning, which in turn creates better prepared students, more prosperous nations, more secure societies, and more engaged global citizens.

Promethean’s Education Strategy Group explores and facilitates technology’s role in realizing the promise of more effective educational systems locally and around the world.

Through combining leading edge research, pedagogical expertise, and policy and practical insights, our approach demonstrates the impact of the long- and short-term return on investment in education technology—a theme central to the realities of 21st Century Learning.

The Education Strategy Group focuses its efforts around six educational themes that are key to achieving global education success:

  • Teacher Effectiveness—examines how technology can help teachers in every aspect of their work;
  • Curriculum Development—surveys the way the face of learning is changing, especially in critical areas such as science, technology and mathematics;
  • Curriculum and Assessment Assets—considers how technology can enable shifting curricula to be linked with learning assessment;
  • Data-Driven Decision Making—pursues insights into how educators can use data to improve individual and system-wide performance;
  • Student Achievement—studies how technology best facilitates personalization and collaboration in teacher/student and student/student interactions;
  • Education Continuum—explores how technology supports learning system success throughout schooling and into the workplace.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative, small group learning, encourages project-based activities where students interact and collaborate, fostering the intellectual synergy of many minds sharing knowledge and working towards a common goal together.

A focus on collaborative learning changes the roles of students and teachers and leads to exciting opportunities for high-impact interactions and confidence-building teamwork. Promethean’s Collaborative Learning Solution was designed to facilitate transitions from teacher-led activities to student-led projects while empowering teachers to differentiate instruction and maintain control in the classroom. Utilising the vast range of resources on Promethean Planet, teachers prepare collaborative projects in advance for different learning levels. After a quick assessment using Promethean Learner Response Systems teachers can assess the class to then divide them into smaller learning groups based on level of comprehension and learning styles.

During project-based learning, students work as teams to complete assignments, incorporating rich multimedia applications and content. Students present their work as a team and group comprehension is gauged based on assessment results. Teachers provide immediate feedback to students and utilise the remainder of class time to bridge gaps in comprehension and personalise instruction.

Learning Anywhere

The world beyond the classroom is full of educational experiences waiting to be explored. Schools around the globe are re-envisioning ideal learning environments with new technologies that break down the barriers of classroom walls and create opportunities for teacher and student learning anywhere, any time.

Promethean’s Learning Anywhere Solution recognises that education is anything but stationary. Our solution is designed to offer the freedom to easily broaden access to interactive, collaborative content and resources, meeting the needs of today’s students. Time is a precious commodity for teachers. With access to over 50,000 resources and ready-made content on Promethean Planet, teachers have the ability to save time when planning and creating lessons. Explore Promethean Planet where over a million active educators share ideas, lesson plans and more, helping teachers work together collaboratively like never before. Leverage Promethean Academy, a customisable Professional Development programme, designed to help educators unite their curricula and teaching styles with Promethean’s technology solutions. Promethean Academy’s wide range of Professional Development options, including face-to-face workshops, flexible online courses and community-based learning create easily accessible, convenient and high-impact training opportunities. With a focus on collaboration and in-depth comprehension, Promethean Academy courses are much like an interactive lesson—exciting, engaging, integrated and personalised. Promethean’s Learner Response Systems integrate with our Curriculum and Assessment Management platform ActivProgress. ActivProgress enables you to streamline communication and collaboration among students, parents and teachers with a secure, web-based social learning portal.

Easily access and view student data collected during the school day as well as learning projects completed outside the four walls of the classroom. Monitor student progress, access instructional support, identify student achievement trends and proactively transform academic challenges into personalised learning opportunities with ActivProgress. Broaden your concept of the learning environment and extend educational experiences beyond the confines of the traditional classroom with Promethean’s Learning Anywhere Solution.

Our solutions

Promethean’s Whole Class Learning Solution empowers teachers to provide effective instruction simultaneously to a wide range of students, engaging the whole class while respecting the unique needs of individual students.

Imagine a classroom where the teacher effortlessly leverages interactive, integrated technology and real-time assessment tools powered by best-in-class resources and content. Promethean’s Whole Class Learning Solution provides an environment where teachers are empowered and students become active participants. Promethean’s ActivBoards integrate seamlessly with our Learner Response Systems, Interactive Tools, Software and Content. Access a wide range of time-saving resources and rich content designed to simplify planning and transform lessons from one-way monologues to immersive, engaging experiences.

Integrate Learner Response Systems to enable students to become active participants, interacting with digital content in real time. Assess student understanding and personalise lessons to create the ideal learning environment to meet individual and whole class objectives. Promethean’s Whole Class Learning Solution transforms classrooms into productive, integrated learning environments where teachers, students and technology work together harmoniously.

Personalized learning

Promethean’s Personalised Learning Solution leverages interactive, integrated technology to empower teachers to evaluate student knowledge and tailor teaching to address the diverse needs of individuals.

Promethean’s Personalised Learning Solution turns teaching into a mentoring role by helping guide students on individual learning paths with differentiated learning opportunities and by offering insight and support both during formal class time and after the school day ends. Create truly personalised learning opportunities in the classroom by accessing time-saving, customisable content on Promethean Planet that integrates seamlessly with our Learner Response Systems. Initiate spontaneous and ongoing assessment to gauge whole-class comprehension of lessons and respond to individual student challenges in real time. Utilise the Self-Paced Learning functionality of our Learner Response Systems to assign full quizzes of varying difficulty and allow students to submit answers at their own pace. With Question Levelling, identify and segment key learner groups and provide differentiated instruction simultaneously to a wide range of students, propelling the whole class forward while catering to the unique needs of individual students.

ActivProgress is a web-based curriculum and assessment management platform that integrates with our Learner Response Systems to provide real-time insight into student progress. Parents, students, teachers and administrators can access ActivProgress from anywhere, any time to securely communicate and collaborate, monitor student performance and analyse learning outcomes. With the ability to track and view student progress over time, educators can easily access and view all of the information needed to tailor instruction to meet individual student needs. Promethean’s Personalised Learning Solution evolves the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to teaching into a differentiated approach that adjusts content and instruction to ensure every student’s voice is heard.